Walks slowly with the soft waves of Gomti. Delhi is different from Mumbai. There is no hurry to reach anywhere. leisurely. Liked to be relaxed Walks in his row. Jalwa Afroz City Lucknow This is actually the gift which Lord Rama gave to Lakshmana. Then the name was Laxman Puri. It took years and years for Laxman Puri to become Lucknow.
In 1775, Nawab Asif-ud-Daula shifted the capital of Awadh from Faizabad to Lucknow. As soon as Asifuddaula became the capital and stepped on the feet of Ahilya, the town like Lucknow came to life like a stone idol. Mosques were built. Imambaras, mausoleums, mosques, temples were built by Thakurs. However, there is a difference of opinion regarding this and different claims as to when the foundation of Lucknow was laid and who were its founders. Rumi Gate, or India Gate of Lucknow, is named after an elder named Jalaluddin Muhammad Rumi in the 13th century. It took 2 years to build this 60 feet high 3 rate gate. This signature piece of Lucknow is also a selfie point for the youth in relation to Turkish architecture. Like Shah Rukh Khan, this door extends its arms while doing your good deeds, gives a tight hug and says- smile! You are in Lucknow.
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