Best Places For Food And Cuisine in Lucknow 2023

April 16, 2023
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Best Places For Food And Cuisine in Lucknow

Lucknow , the city of Nawab is not only famous for history but also famous for food and cuisine. There are lots of places in Lucknow  that are famous for food. It is famous for awadhi cuisine and mughlai cuisine. In this article we are going to tell you about the best places for food and cuisine in lucknow.

Best Places For Food And Cuisine in Lucknow 

  1. Tunday Kebabi
  2. Royal Cafe
  3. Wahid Biryani 
  4. Naushijaan
  5. Prakash Khulfi 
  6. Idrees Birayani 
  7. Dastarkhan

Tunday Kababi 

Tunday Kababi is a famous eatery in Lucknow , famous for mouth watering kebabs.The restaurant has served this mouth watering variety of kabab over a years and every one who are living in lucknow , tastes the mouth watering kabab once. It has several food points over lucknow. If you are searching about tunday kakabi you will find a food point near you. The kabab is made with meat and spices , and sauces served with rumali roti or naan.The restaurant has a simple setup, with outdoor seating arrangements and serves only non-vegetarian food.

Royal Cafe 

Royal cafe is famous for food lovers in lucknow specially for street food lovers who are willing to try various food items in lucknow. The cafe is located in the lucknow sahara mall.

They serve smacking food over years. The most popular dishes in the royal cafe are matar chaat , dahi bhalla , aloo tikki. The cafe is ideal for quick meals and light meals for people.

Wahid Biryani 

Wahid biryani is famous among biryani lovers in lucknow. It serve biryani over 60

Years in lucknow. Wahid biryani is famous for its authentic taste of biryani. The biryani is made with a secret ingredient and mixture of spices. It is the favourite place for the local people and tourists. The restaurant also offers a variety of kebabs , rolls and korma. The wahid biryani is also available on zomato and swiggy.


Naushijaan is a famous fine dine restaurant for awdhi cuisine. The interior of the Naushijaan is designed well. The restaurant has a luxurious setup with allgent decor and impeccable service. The restaurant menu is a fusion of gilauti kebab , nihari ,mutton rogan josh. The restaurant also has a well-stocked bar and is an ideal place for a romantic dinner or a special occasion.

Prakash Kulfi 

Praksh Khulfi is famous for his amazing kulfi. It is located in the aminabad lucknow. Prakash Kulfi is famous for mouth watering kulfi . The joint has served over 50 years and is a household name in the city. Kulfi is made with milk , sugar and flavored essence with different flavours like kesar , pista , mango etc.The joint also serves other desserts like falooda and rabri, which are equally delicious.

Idrees Birayani

Idrees Birayani is a famous joint in lucknow. It has been serving delicious biryani in Lucknow for over 60 years. The biryani is made with a special ingredient and mixture of spices. The joint also serves other delicacies like kebabs and korma. The joint is located all over lucknow . You can order online on swiggy and zomato. Idrees biryani is a well known brand in lucknow and famous among local people and tourists.


Darkhan is one of the famous restaurants in Lucknow for his amazing mughlai cuisine. It is located near cyber heights lucknow. If you are a non-veg lover then this is the first choice for food. It has lots of variety in mughlai cuisine with amazing mouth watering taste. They have served this mughlai food for over 60 years in the city of nawab lucknow. Darstarkhan is also famous for Galouti Kebab, Mutton Biryani, and Chicken Korma.

Final Word 

Lucknow is not only famous for mughal era memory but it is also famous for food and cuisine. There are lots of places that are famous for food like dastarkhan , royal cafe’s , Wahid biryani, idrees biryani etc. These places are famous for food in lucknow. If you are living in lucknow or making plans for a trip in lucknow you must include these places for food and i am sure you will love the place.

Frequently Asked Question 

Qus. How to find the best food and cuisine place in Lucknow ?

Ans. You can easily find just by searching on google this term “best places for food and cuisine in lucknow near me”. You will see the best places by rating and reviews on google.

Qus. 2 Why is Dastarkhan famous ?

Ans. Dastarkhan is famous for mughlai cuisine. It has served a variety of mughlai over 50 years.

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