Prakash Ki Mashoor Kulfi  – Famous kulfi in lucknow

April 23, 2023
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Famous kulfi in lucknow

Famous kulfi in lucknow : If you are fan of sweets and are looking for delicious treats , then you should try Prakash Ki Mashoor Kulfi chowk lucknow. The small and humble shop has been serving the people of lucknow with their delectable kulfi for over 50 years of now., and has become a go-to destination for those who are looking for a sweet escape.

Famous kulfi in lucknow

Prakash Ki Mashoor Kulfi is not an ordinary ice cream shop. Their kulfi are made using the finest and fairness ingredients and are churned with love and care to give them a unique and authentic taste. The shop offers a wide variety of flavors including classic favorites such as malai, pista, and chocolate, as well as more unique and innovative flavors like saffron and paan.

One of the best things about Prakash Ki Mashoor Kulfi is the fact they use natural and fresh ingredients to make their kulfi. They do not use any artificial flavor or preservative , which means that you can enjoy kulfi without worrying about any harmful chemicals. The kulfis are also gluten-free, which makes them a perfect choice for those with gluten intolerance.

Apart from delicious kulfi, Prakash Ki Mashoor Kulfi  . It is also famous for its warm and welcoming ambience. The shop is located in the heart of lucknow chowk , one of the oldest and busy markets in lucknow. The wall is decorated with food items related to cold and the staff is friendly and always ready to serve you with a smile.

If you are planning to visit Prakash Ki Mashoor Kulfi , it is recommended that you go in the evening hours , as that is when the shop is at its busiest. You may wait in line for a while , but trust us it’s worth it. The kulfi is served in small pots called kulhars  which adds to the authentic feel of the place.

In the tem of pricing , Prakash Ki Mashoor Kulfi is very affordable , with price starting at just Rs 30/- for small kulfi.they also offer a large portion for those who are hungry more or want to share with friends and family.  Overall the kulfi is not only delicious but also affordable in price.

In conclusion , If you are a foodie and looking for sweet treats in lucknow then Prakash Ki Mashoor Kulfi is the best option for you and it is the famous kulfi shop in lucknow. They use natural ingredients to make kulfi. If you are in lucknow or planning to visit then you should try Prakash Ki Mashoor Kulfi.

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